What is Medicine Music?

Our work is suited to anyone interested in seeking peace, wellbeing and enjoying a state of higher consciousness in daily life.

We have presented Medicine Music talks and workshops to major yoga conferences, yoga centres, universities, hospitals, institutions and to the general public.  
We have also been featured on national network television. 
The Benefits of Medicine Music in Daily Life
  •  Identifies blockages, reduces stress and strengthens the nervous system.  
  •  Enhances emotional well-being, optimising energy flow in the body.
  •  Improves focus, clarity, learning and memory           
  •  Unblocks the creative spirit   
  •  Experience new ways to listen to music whilst changing your brain’s physiology
  •  Medicine Music has both preventative and therapeutic benefits and is a purifying process

Medicine Music can be presented in the following ways

The Alchemy of Sacred Sound Workshop

A detailed explanation on the science of sound, the relationship between sound and the chakras; the therapeutic power of music that changes brain physiology and enhances emotional well-being, enriching one's life. 

"We are grateful to you for conducting a workshop on Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound) which was very well appreciated, at the "Yoga - Science of Infinite Possibilities" conference held on 21 and 22 August 2004 at Sydney University.  Your rendition of music provided a grand finale to two glorious days"-
Swami Atmeshananda , Vice President, Vedanta Centre of Sydney  
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A Concert

Based around classical Indian music, featuring an array of traditional and modern instruments and voice, performed by Vicki and Ron - sometimes in collaboration with other musicians. Audiences forget their worries and stresses, often getting lost in the magic of their music.  They can experience tears of joy one moment, sheer ecstasy  the next.  Whilst appreciating that music is for entertainment, their raga sangeet takes the listener deep into a meditation that is healing, nourishing and fulfilling.  Their music is a bridge to the ancient wisdom of Vedanta and a journey into many other cultures and traditions; an expression of spontaneity and a joyful celebration of life.

"What a treat to meet you in person and hear your beautiful music. I cant thank you enough for the incredible element your music brought to the ceremony" (at high profile celebrity event in USA.......
Em Porter - Colin Cowie lifestyle USA.

"It was pleasure to have you playing at our event"
Opera Australia's biggest calendar event of the year i,e Mazda Opera in the Domain, playing for VIP's - Victoria Hope, Corporate Accounts manager, Opera Australia.
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A form of meditation, involves devotional singing in Sanskrit and Hindu devotional songs, chanting of God's glories. In the tradition, it is sacred sound, repeated in prayer, that has an inherent power to bring into being the reality it represents.  It is generally presented in the call and response style.  (Chanting mantras elicits a feeling of wellbeing, upliftment and peace). We have chosen very well known, powerful and popular Indian chants, with words printed for the convenience of participants.  Today, Kirtan is growing in popularity as a participatory live music, healing and inspirational experience all over the world, particularly in the US where it is experienced in thousands of yoga studios and concert halls.  As Ron says, in a typical Kirtan session, it is not just listening to the music and chant - the participants become a channel for the divine sound.


( a Sanskrit word meaning a spiritual community, coming together seeking 'sat' (truth))  and includes dialogues on music and consciousness, devotional singing and discussion.  Satsang provides a supportive environment for people to look within in a world dominated by one's attention always being 'out there'.  The elevated company also takes the form of hearing or reading inspirational spiritual texts, reflecting on them and discussing their meaning.
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 Since the dawn of the new century, Ron and Vicki have worked to change the mindset of people through an exploration of the nature of consciousness and sound.  They demonstrate how different sound frequencies affect the human body and brings about changes to the heartbeat, breath and brain physiology.  Through their talks and music, they encourage people to focus on the mind and spirit.  It is a transformation that they bring into people's lives that will affect the consciousness of the 21st Century.
Any combination  of the above can be presented in a session or weekend workshop.
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