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"Om Spiritus” is the coming together of all (“the One”), invoking the primordial sound of Om and spreading the message of peace throughout our beautiful world.

The mantras we have chosen for this album are some of the most popular and powerful on the planet, They come from Sanskrit, Aramaic, Latin and Buddhist traditions, taking the listener on a musical journey that is contemporary, worldly and accessible to everyone. 
Instruments such as Sitar, Armenian Duduk, Turkish Gaida, guitar, keyboards and beautiful vocal harmonies, backed by smooth drum grooves, make this a very powerful and extremely listenable album.

We believe that tuning oneself to the beauty and joy of the music is the real spiritual attainment, that connects us to the Divine Source of all existence. 

Thanks so much for the most beautiful collection of music.  It is so relaxing and helps me to 'switch off' at the end of the day - Sarah M.

I love this CD, especially the last song but they are all very beautiful. Thank you for your work. Blessings, Lita Lee


A blissful journey through sacred sound into the healing arms of the Universal Mother.

Using an array of exotic instruments from around the globe including sitar, Turkish mey, didgeridu, violin and an array of world percussion, Universal Mother weaves its way into the heart, with Vicki’s divine vocals and the vocal mastery of Sri Lankan maestro Sarangan Ranganathan
Powerful vedic chant, Buddhist mantras and devotional songs with their roots running deeply into the classical music of India are beautifully attuned to a winning contemporary formula. In Universal Mother Ron and Vicki as IndiaJiva have created a collection of songs that the listener will find both inspirational and healing.

In many Indian spiritual traditions the Universal mother is the power or shakti of God Almighty which appears as mind and matter. In these traditions it is believed that the Universal Mother holds the world together and ‘runs the whole show.’ It is her supreme power that makes all things possible and she is worshipped as the embodiment of the Divine. There is nothing sweeter in this world than the love of a mother for a child. For her child the mother is ready to lay down her life.
The Vedas say “Mathru Devo Bhava”; i.e, honour your mother as God. The first name or syllable which a young infant utters is the name of the beloved mother because the human mother is simply a manifestation of the Universal Mother. All women are different forms of the Divine Mother. When we worship the Universal Mother with intense faith and devotion, her grace can grant us self realization and bring forth the enjoyment of supreme bliss. We chose the name ‘ Universal Mother’ for this album as it best expresses the essence that we wished to bring into this project. The music and mantras we have chosen have their roots running deeply into the classical music of India; yet they are beautifully attuned to contemporary times.

Love this CD! Track 8 is my very favorite. I feel as if I am completely one with the Buddhahead! tonii mcmillan

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Sacred ragas is a spiritual journey from the heart of Australia to the kingdom of bliss or “sat chit ananda”,  a Sanskrit word describing our true nature.   It is a journey that seeks to use music as the medium for connecting us with Divinity. To tune oneself to the harmony, beauty and joy of music is the real spiritual attainment.
  The vehicle we have chosen for our journey is Indian classical music – (raga sangeet) which is one of the world’s most dynamic musical systems and certainly one of the oldest the traditions, of which is seemingly without beginning. Whilst Indian classical music is always set in raga, all raga music is not necessarily classical .In our album of sacred ragas we have chosen to experience the journey in a mood that is more contemporary and more attuned to our personalities and culture. 

‘Raga” is derived from the Sanskrit root “ranja”, meaning to colour the mind and also to please. Technically speaking a raga is a sequence of notes or swaras. But there is a lot more to this, as there are many characteristics required to establish the many fine features of any particular raga.
As ragas were never codified but were transmitted orally from teacher to student, they tended to vary greatly across regions, traditions, styles and schools. The ragas, as we have performed them in sacred ragas, whilst established in tradition, have been inspired spontaneously in the recording of this album. They are an aesthetic projection of our inner spirit and a representation of our most profound sentiments and sensibilities. It is said that the ragas have no vitality or life force by itself and the musician themselves have to breathe life into them.
  God Almighty, it is said, inspired the great rishis who were a class of saintly beings from legendary times that were considered super human, living a pure life of meditation dedicated to wisdom and knowledge. They originated and developed theories in all branches of the arts and sciences and passed them on to their disciples. They passed on the knowledge that sound is God- Nada Brahma - and the musical experience is a journey to the realization of the self. The highest blessings of music were given to a chosen few as in it contained the knowledge of the workings of the universe. The laws of music are found to mirror the exact miniature of the laws working throughout the whole Universe.
  In Indian classical music the mind and the body are seen as a whole where music is the link that brings about balance. This knowledge comes from the Vedas (books of sacred scriptures of Indian spirituality composed in Sanskrit}. The Vedas are four in number.  They are the rig veda, the sama veda, yajur veda and atharva veda. The word Veda means knowledge and in it are contained the eternal truths revealed by God to man. The roots of Indian music come from the Vedic chants - in particular the Sam Veda.  Different sounds and different sequences of notes produce specific frequencies that influence different cells of our bodies in varying proportions. Keynotes in the raga and their relationships to each other can bring about a therapeutic effect and provide profound healing.
Human beings possess certain qualities. It is said that these qualities are housed in specific charkas.  Chakra is a Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’ and the chakras are seen as spinning wheels of energy (vortices) that emit specific frequencies.  These energy centres were described thousands of years ago in the ancient sacred texts. They can also be seen as milestones or archetypal depictions of our evolution through seven major stages of development. It is these qualities, relationships and frequencies that have defined the album of sacred ragas.
Each raga or composition also has a particular frequency and when the frequencies of the combination of notes match the natural frequency of the chakra, it becomes activated. (Frequency is the measurement of the number of oscillations per second). Modern living tends to unbalance these subtle energy centres.  A rebalance of these centres will put us back ‘in sync’. 

"I absolutely love Sacred Ragas.  I have listened to it so much that I have almost worn it out."
Gordon Chambers, Sydney, Australia

"I cannot tell you how much I have been moved by Sacred Ragas when I do yoga or meditate.  There is especially the track called Soul.  It always makes my body vibrate extra strong." Marilyn, Chicago , USA


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